Maidenhead About Us Page

Here you are at our web site and hiya, our names are Gill & Steve and we got focused on sites around nine years ago.

This site was made, using a good idea that we have been working on for quite a while now, it was quite a lot of fun to try and do, troublesome in many instances, nevertheless in the end rewarding, giving a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and pride.

We make sure to attempt to develop a website that's user friendly without being excessively packed with pop-up boxes & commercials.

We routinely strive to present something helpful on every article, while we aren't embarrassed to admit that we all need to get a modest revenue when feasible, to to help keep all our websites running, current and on the web.

If you have the same amount of satisfaction from checking out the website as we gained developing it, then we can be pleased that we've accomplished our obligation proficiently.

Have fun, Gill and Steve - March 2014.