Maidenhead About Us Page

Thanks for visiting our web site and hello everyone, we are Stephen and Gillian and we got serious about sites about seven years ago.

We created the Maidenhead web site, utilizing a good idea that we've been practicing for a time now, bringing us an incredible sense of triumph and delight, it was plenty of fun to try and do, difficult on occasions, however in the long run gratifying.

With a little luck this web-site is not going to scare you off by using frustrating pop-up windows, persistently seeking to peddle you junk or perhaps demand that you subscribe to a newsletter you really do not wish to get (filling up your email inbox with spammy posts).

Offering you valuable facts on virtually every article of the website is certainly our main goal, however both of us still have to earn cash to be able to keep all this running, so you may come across a little bit of advertising, please excuse us for this, we attempt to not ever overdo that.

If you may have quite as much enjoyment from browsing the online site like we achieved making it, then we shall be content that we've performed our responsibility proficiently.

Have fun, Steve and Gill Locke - Summer 2012.